Driveway Replacement

Licensed and Insured Concrete Contractor In Alpharetta, GA

If you are in the market to replace your existing driveway, there are many things to consider. Will you simply replace what you have now, add additional surface area, or choose a decorative finish to enhance the look of your home?

And with all things, the price will certainly be a top consideration.

It is important to understand that not all driveways are created equal. If someone is promising a low price, it is likely they have to cut corners, and with concrete, you may not see their mistakes for years, leaving you to fix the poor quality workmanship.

According to the Better Business Bureau, over 80% of the complaints they receive come from contractors offering the lowest price.

At 5-Star driveway replacements, we don’t cut corners, we install quality built driveways that last.

before and after pictures of a concrete driveway replacement

Why are we so confident?  we have the experience and a proven process.

We start by ensuring your job is prepped properly to avoid damage. This is one of the top complaints when replacing existing concrete. To minimize the risk of damage:

  • Plywood is placed on your lawn to protect from damage that tools and machinery could cause
  • Tarps are placed in the street under heavy equipment to keep the street clean and free of oils and other fluids that could stain surfaces
  • Your home is covered with plastic to protect painted surfaces from splatter and dust
  • Existing concrete near your home and sidewalk is saw cut and removed by hand, protecting the structure that will remain in place
  • Excess concrete is pressure washed away after the pouring is complete
concrete worker in a safe and secure work environment
driveway replacement property protection with plywood on the ground

When installing your new driveway, the structure is built to the highest quality standards:

  • Forms are set and string lines are stretched across the entire surface area to ensure the entire area is a uniformed 4-inch depth
  • 5-Star installs a 2 inch PVC sleeve under every driveway to allow access for future water lines or low voltage electrical
  • Compacted gravel is used to ensure the substructure is solid
  • Rebar is used to reinforce the strength, crossed and tied on 3-foot centers with every driveway to increase the strength and durability
  • Driveways are poured using 4,000 psi concrete – that almost double the strength of builder-grade concrete
  • Cut control joints every 10 feet to a minimum of 25% depth to prevent cracking

Finishing the product is what makes it really stand out and 5-Star offers many options to meet your specific needs and budget. Our expert finishers will apply a perfect broom finish to all driveways standards.

You also have the option of exposed aggregate, custom colors, stamped patterns, paver or stone finishes to accentuate the look of your new driveway. Contact us to learn more about all of our options.

large ashlar slate stamped concrete driveway in Alpharetta, GA


Treat yourself to the exquisite natural look of stamped concrete. This type of finish is achieved by leaving a pattern of natural stone or slate using a stamp on freshly poured concrete. 

exposed aggregate finish on a concrete driveway replacement in Alpharetta, GA

Exposed Aggregate

Looking for something organic with a beautiful natural look? Exposed aggregate is achieved by removing the surface layer of concrete to expose the rocks (aggregate) underneath giving an effect that can complement your house and landscape beautifully.

color options for a concrete driveway replacement

The perfect color

There is an infinite amount of color combinations for concrete a driveway replacement. The integral color is mixed at the cement plant. We can add accent colors to create a nice antique look. When used with a stamped finish, the effect is amazing!

low camera angle of a concrete driveway replacement with a picture frame broom finish in Alpharetta

Broom Finish

this type of finish is very common. Designed for function with its slip-resistant surface, It gets the job done all while having a nice aesthetic. The contrasting surfaces, “picture frame” borders and joints make this finish option a popular choice among Alpharetta homeowners.

concrete driveway replacement with hand tooled picture frame finish

picture frame finish

Perfectly executed hand tooled joints and borders to give that classic “picture frame” look.

concrete Driveway Replacement with decorative border and pavers for the apron

decorative borders/aprons

Combining other building materials like pavers can add elegance to your driveway.

We can assist you with the design
The functional aspect of your driveway is very important and must not be overlooked. If you want to modify your existing driveway shape and dimensions, the final design should be functional. Meaning vehicles should be able to come and go easily without any clearance issues.

before and after pictures of a concrete driveway replacement in Alpharetta Georgia

Things to know when hiring a concrete contractor for your project

  1. Do your research – take time to research driveway replacements. Having more information makes it easier to evaluate the competency of the contractor
  2. Get at least 3 quotes – talking to several contractors will help you learn about the process and ensure the contractor you select will be able to complete your project
  3. Evaluate Availability – you are probably excited to get started with your new project, but be cautious of contractors offering same week availability. We find the best contractors are several weeks out, and in most cases, worth the wait.
  4. Always ask for proof of insurance – licensed and insured contractors should offer a copy of their insurance credentials. If a contractor cannot provide this, it is a red flag.
  5. Ask about permits – quality contractors will be able to talk to you about permitting requirements for your area. If permits are required, be sure this is spelled out in the contract.
  6. Know what you are getting – there are many variables that go into a quality driveway. Ask about the contractor’s process, materials, concrete thickness, etc. This is critical when comparing contractors. A driveway replacement is a sizable investment – so make sure what you get will be built to last.
  7. Get it ALL in writing – make sure your selected contractor provides you with a written estimate with any details they discussed with respect to the design, preparation, materials, cleanup, and finishing. You should NEVER agree to a contract that allows the contractor to add additional costs for unforeseen issues. An example – the existing concrete was poured very thick, which will cost much more to remove and replace. A quality contractor prices their jobs to account for these common setbacks and should NEVER expect you to cover these costs.

Get a driveway replacement by a top-rated concrete contractor with:

  • expert know-how from our experienced crew members
  • great communication from our helpful staff
  • quality craftsmanship during all phases of the project

you can rest assured we will deliver a positive experience when you hire us for a concrete driveway replacement.

We believe in quality construction that adds value to your home. As the saying goes: “Its always cheaper to do it right the first time!”.