When homeowners are in need of an upgraded driveway, replacing it with decorative concrete can add value to their homes. A very popular technique is to imprint a pattern using a stamp on the curing concrete surface leaving a natural stone appearance. Color can also be added to enhance the antique look. Another less expensive type of finish is the traditional broom and picture frame finish.

concrete driveway replacement with broom and picture frame finish

Why is decorative concrete the best material to use for a driveway replacement?

  • ease of maintenance: Using concrete to replace your driveway is a great option because it is very easy to clean with a light pressure wash. Resealing it every year will give it some extra protection and keep it looking like a new installation.
  • durability: Concrete driveways are very durable when every step of the installation is carefully planned and executed. Proper ground preparation, rebar reinforcement, and concrete thickness are crucial.
  • aesthetics: Decorative concrete gives some flexibility to the homeowner with respect to design and color. For concrete driveway replacements, an infinite amount of patterns and colors can easily accommodate your house and surrounding landscape.
  • convenience: Concrete is easily shaped and quickly installed without the need to cut and place pieces together like a puzzle.
  • resistant to the elements: When properly installed using best practices, and resealing once every year, a decorative concrete driveway will last decades.

All contributing factors to adding value to a home.